Most of Fantom Drive's disks come preformatted at the factory with the NTFS file system, the native file system for Windows. Linux and Mac OSX hosts require a third-party driver such as NTFS-3G to achieve full read/write capability with NTFS volumes. If you intend to use this drive exclusively on MacOSX it is advised to reformat your disk with the HFS ("Mac Extended") file system. 

Formatting a hard drive erases all data contained on it. Please be sure to create a copy of the files you wish to keep to another location before reformatting. 

Formatting the drive in Mac OS X 

1. Launch the “Disk Utility” application located in Applications/Utilities.

2. Highlight your new drive and select the “Partition” tab

3. Select the new partition map type.

4. For each partition in the volume scheme, select the desired file system format and volume name (optional) Although it is possible to format using the DOS file system, we do not recommend this as an artificial capacity limit may be imposed on the drive and performance will be unpredictable. 

5. Click the “Options” button. Select “GUID Partition Map” in the dialog box and click “OK”.

6. Click “Apply.” Your Fantom Drives GForce3 Mega is ready to use!