All MicroNet / Fantom Drives products are compatible with DVRs capable of addressing external disks over their respective interface. For example, our G-Force eSATA+USB external disks are compatible with DVRs capable of addressing eSATA or USB external disks.  

That said, our products are explicitly supported for use with Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh computers. We can provide support for use under those platforms- we do not have the equipment, training, or authorization from other equipment vendors such as DVRs to support their platforms.

While many DVRs have the ports, the individual provider firmware may or may not allow access to an external device; if you received your DVR from your cable or satellite vendor, consult with their customer support about whether the USB/eSATA ports are active, or if there is a firmware update required. Alternatively, consult the manufacturer of the DVR regarding this feature